Virtual Wellness

Social distancing can leave many of us feeling isolated, regardless of if we need to stay in place, quarantine, or isolate. Here are a few general tips and specific ideas to stay well!

  • Practice Selt-Care
    Whether it's watching a movie with friends, going for a walk on a nice day, or discovering a new music genre, take the time to do something that makes you happy!
  • Stay Positive
    Social distancing is our current reality, but it isn't our forever. We got this, Lakers! 
  • Give Virtual Activities a Chance
    Attending an in-person event may be preferred, but virtual activities and events provide a unique experience to connect with other students!

Get more RecWell virtual resources on our #GVLakerStrong page.

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Things to Do at Home (or in your apartment)

COVID-19 & Mental Health (UCC)
The University Counseling Center provides COVID-19 & Mental Health Resources, which offers links to videos, coping and grief techniques, support resources, workshops, social media live events all addressing topics ranging from loneliness, to grief, to boredom, staying healthy, and much more. 

Mental Health & Well-Being Index
During uncertain times, many people experience a wide range of emotions and behaviors. Many factors contribute to how you may be feeling, including social, financial, interpersonal and systemic stressors that can negatively impact your mental and emotional well-being. Wherever you are on the continuum of mental health and well-being, from feeling vaguely uneasy to experiencing a crisis (for you or someone else), Grand Valley has resources to help. This online resource serves as a toolbox to assist anyone in the eight categories of wellness: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, occupational, social, and spiritual. Please use the index below to search the university's resources.

Ask the Dietitian
RecWell’s very own dietician is still available to answer all your nutrition questions! Just fill out the form.

Cooking Lessons in Quarantine with Antoni Porowski
Wrist twistin’ in the kitchen with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. Look out for a new lesson each day on his IGTV.

Apps for Relaxation, Mindfulness and More
The University Counseling Center has put together a list of great apps available for relaxation, mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, self-help for addiction and journaling. 

Coping with Anxiety and Stress
Learn anxiety skills and coping mechanisms to help understand and resolve anxiety in your life. Guided meditations are also simple and useful resources to help minimize stress and anxiety levels, while relaxing the mind and body. 

Practice Being Happier
Happiness, resilience, connection, and kindness are skills that can be taught and developed over time—with practice. Greater Good in Action collects the best research-based methods for a happier, more meaningful life—and puts them at your fingertips in a format that's easy to navigate and digest.

Stay Home, Stay MIndful
Stay Home, Stay MIndful. This special collection of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises are designed to help you keep a strong and healthy mind in the midst of this global health crisis. All Michiganders — from the shores of Lake Superior to the streets of Detroit — will get through this together. Stress less, move more, sleep soundly, and be kind to your mind. Learn more at 

The Science of Well-Being Course
Yale’s most popular course ever was about happiness. It’s available online for free via Coursera.

Netflix Party
Have a movie night remotely! This Google Chrome extension lets you watch movies with friends online. 

Online Games With Friends
Stay connected to your friends with games! Multiplayer games let you compete with those you love from the safety of your own homes. Play popular games like CodenamesCards Against Humanity, and Spyfall on social gathering websites. Or, companies like Zynga offer a wide variety of game applications to choose from as well. 

Online Trivia
Challenge yourself to online trivia! Sporcle is the world’s largest trivia quiz platform, with endless quizzes for you to take. Search Sporcle by category for quizzes that interest you. 

GVSU Events Calendar
More campus-wide activities and events can be found on the GVSU Main Events Calendar.

Recreation & Wellness Opportunities
More than ever it is critical to find ways to keep ourselves moving and engaged in active, healthy daily routines that feed our bodies, and our minds, with positive energy. Our fitness, outdoor, sports, and wellness staff are working hard to provide opportunities for you to stay well. Learn about all virtual RecWell opportunities.

Hiking Resources
Getting outside is a great way to be active and live healthy. Learn about local trails and hikes

Coloring Time
If you’ve got the materials to color for real, do it! It can truly relax your brain while unplugging from your devices. We've created some RecWell coloring pages just for you, too - Fitness & WellnessGet Outdoors, or Play Sports

Don’t have the supplies on hand? Try some of these coloring apps instead. Lifewire has a list of apps and the pros and cons of each of them!

Learn a New Language
Spend your time during quarantine learning a new language on Duolingo. The program provides different course levels in more than twenty languages. 

Puzzle Time
Maybe it’s time to dust off those old puzzles and put them together again! Fresh out of puzzles? You can do them online!

Airbnb Online Experiences
Prices range on these random online activities from Airbnb. There are things like tarot card readings, animal sanctuary experiences, virtual escape rooms and more.

Explore National Parks Virtually
Take virtual tours of National parks like Dry Tortugas, Carlsbad Caverns, the Kenai Fjords and the Hawaiian volcanoes with Google’s Hidden Worlds of the National Parks interactive exhibit.

Go on Museum Tours Virtually
Walk through dozens of museums and galleries through Google’s Art and Culture app.

Visit Amusement Park Virtually
Experience Canada’s Wonderland amusement park from a rider’s point of view. For an extra adrenaline rush, try watching with virtual reality goggles. 

Tips for Getting By

people isolating in quarantine

  1. If you like background noise, turn on your favorite tunes or music.
  2. Put on screen-savers of your happy places.
  3. Call an old friend or family member and catch up.
  4. Check out virtual fitness videos. Create challenges with friends.
  5. Disconnect from screens at the end of the day. Schedule a time when you put all electronics down so you can focus on doing other things you enjoy (reading, puzzles, writing, sleeping, meditating).
  6. Start a blog or journal.
  7. Listen to a new album or artist. Try a genre you haven't listen to before.
  8. Start a virtual book club.
  9. Learn a language or a new skill.
  10. Start a new, non-virtual hobby like knitting, crocheting, drawing, etc.



Stay tuned as we update this list with tips and tricks from fellow students!