Professional Development

The Division of Student Services is committed to developing the knowledge and skills of each professional staff member. Learning is embraced as a lifelong process. At GVSU, student affairs professionals strive for achieving excellence and best practices in personal competence as well as the functional areas that fall within Student Services.

Grand Valley provides both formal and informal learning opportunities for growth. The process of selection should be thoughtful and intentional. Professional development plans should be regularly discussed between staff and supervisor and reflected in Performance Development Program (ePDP) annual planning documents or graduate student learning contracts.

Professional Development Opportunities

The Division of Student Services hosts meetings in the format of workshops and round tables to enhance relationships and support the shared responsibility for a division wide focus on student success. Division updates are provided by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students and department events/initiatives are visually highlighted at the start of the meeting. The Provost and Executive Vice President speaks at the opening meeting. All CSAL students are invited to attend.

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In the spirit of learning, the Division of Student Services joins colleagues from the Division of Inclusion and Equity, the Division of Enrollment Development, the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center and Academic Advising for a series of conversations focusing attention on student success. The goal is to bring together faculty and staff from across the university to share broader perspectives and gain greater knowledge to better serve students. All CSAL students are invited to attend.

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Division of Student Services committees are essential for division communication and collaboration around shared priorities. Committee members are often appointed based on department position and/or relevant expertise. Joining a committee can also be a space to connect to personal and professional goals.

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Professional associations connect colleagues across the country through local and national events. Search professional association websites to learn more about how to get involved and plan for associated conference dates.

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