Division Committees

Division of Student Services committees are essential for division communication and collaboration around shared priorities. Committee members are often appointed based on department position and/or relevant expertise. Joining a committee can also be a space to connect to personal and professional goals.

Division Committee Descriptions

This group responds to non-emergency concerns and takes a proactive approach to discuss potential problems, intervene early, and develop appropriate courses of action for referred students. The goal is to support students who may be in distress or whose behavior is of concern to others, and do so before things rise to crisis levels.

Works to examine and shape divisional plans and aligns resources (fiscal, space, staff, etc.) to match unit, divisional, and University roles; uses department resources to enhance student success; increase the number of students served by matching space use with institutional values; collaborate with campus partners to gain support for resources that enhance student success.

Coordinates and enhances co-curricular activities designed to enhance student learning. Each department designates at least one staff member to serve on the Co-Curricular Committee & Planning Group to oversee the co-curricular process with unit colleagues. This group engages in understanding and passing along enhanced learning experiences, develops initiatives with faculty, oversees programs on demand, etc.

This committee guides units through all aspects of the division reporting timeline (excludes co-curricular reporting and program review), moving each unit toward a culture of continuous improvement and informed planning for student success. Committee members work in partnership with unit directors to determine the best systems for meeting deadlines with accurate/quality information, involving other unit staff members as needed.

Designed to assist the retention of students who work in Student Services units by helping them make meaning of their curricular, co-curricular, and work commitments. Student employment is viewed as enhanced learning experience that helps prepare them as leaders and for employment and life post-graduation; this committee oversees the Student Employment Learning Plan (SELP) and facilitating other ways to develop and enhance the experience of students working in the division, while strengthening the skills of supervisors; develops and enhances student staff members cultural competency, in order to create inclusive environments that lead to student success.

Plans and implements the College Student Affairs Leadership (CSAL) professional development program including orientation and monthly sessions.

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