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Student Senate Cabinet

Throughout the academic year, the various committees and subcommittees of Student Senate work to make the Laker Experience more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive. Receive monthly updates here with what we are working on!


Executive Vice President

EVP O'Neil continues his work by coordinating and mobilizing the various subcommittees of Student Senate, along with working alongside our President for internal meetings with each of the Cabinet members and General Senators. He works to bring better communication across the Body from Cabinet, and strives to implement better cross-committee collaboration.

the Senate Resources Committee

The Senate Resources Committee continues to interviewing individuals to join the Student Senate Body. The Senate Resources Committee also recently hosted the Winter Inservice, as well as hosting our annual Climate Survey, to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and identities of the Senators on our Body. 

the Allocations Committee

Allocations has been updating the information on the SOS pages and condensing the content on the SOS, RSO, and SLF pages. The Allocations Committee has also created separate funding guidelines for Greek Life, to make funding more accessible for the community, as well as working with various culturally-based student organizations under the Cultural Funding Board for event and travel expenses.

the Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee (PRC) has continued to work on a wide variety of projects. PRC has been continuing to work alongside the Senate Resources Committee to promote Student Senate and educate students on how they can join our body. PRC, in conjunction with the Student Senate President, also recently released the second Student Senate Newsletter of the year; shared with the students of GVSU to provide monthly updates regarding opportunities and events. PRC also currently is creating and sharing promotions for Senate Info Night and Open Access Week. PRC also continues to plan Senate events such as Senate Info Night, and our first GVSU student roundtable.

the Campus Affairs Committee

The Campus Affairs Committee is laying a foundation on various projects to work on for the remainder of the semester!

the Educational Affairs Committee

Throughout the last month, the Educational Affairs Committee has been hard at work in the world of Open Educational Resources. The committee has been continuing the planning process of Open Access Symposium which will take place during Open Access Week on October 27th and 28th this year. More details can be found in The Lanthorn, Lakerlink, or by contacting VP of EAC, Faith Kidd, with questions. Committee members have been working on advising surveys, textbook cost surveys, and preparing for a Teach-In on the connection between OER and Equity. In addition to these projects, the Educational Affairs Committee has started planning Exam Cram events, meeting with University administration, and have been present on University Committees. 

the Diversity Affairs Committee

The Diversity Affairs Committee (DAC) continues to work on planning the 2021 Teach-In. DAC has been involved with advertising this event, reviewing proposals, and staying in touch with the various faculty and staff who are also planning the Teach-In. DAC has also been working with the Division of Inclusion and Equity to promote student involvement in the 2021 Climate Survey, which will be administered beginning in mid-November. DAC is looking into planning a three-day event to try to get the student body to fill out the survey, which will be available starting November 17th. The Diversity Affairs Committee has begun planning for our table at Senate Info Night, which is November 2nd from 7:30 pm-9 pm.

the External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee is preparing to mobilize on various projects after transitioning out of Battle of the Valleys.

Mental Health Awareness Subcommittee

More MHAC updates to come!

Sustainability Subcommittee

Sexual Assault Awareness Subcommittee

Page last modified February 15, 2022