University Governance Committees

University Governance Committees

An advisor body to the Vice Provost/Dean of Students regarding strategic planning of: co-curricular learning opportunities (i.e., education, social, recreational, etc.) to actively engage students in the life of the university; support services that assist students to be successful in their academic and personal lives; and management of various environments at the university (e.g. living centers, apartments, dining areas, Kirkhof Center, Recreation Center, etc.). 

Current Representatives: Jonathan Bowman, Dan Ziegenfelder, Kevin Chui, Rachel Jenkin (Undergraduate Students)

Graduate Student Representative:  Andrew McDonough

To review, authorize, evaluate, and recommend modifications to all international programs administered by the Office of International Affairs; to recommend priorities, new initiatives, policies, and procedures for the Office of International Affairs programs, including campus curricular and co-curricular activities; to advocate for international students, study abroad, faculty research and exchange, and community integration, within the university and West Michigan; and to ensure integrity and academic excellence in all international initiatives undertaken abroad by GVSU. 

Current Representatives: Becca Rogers (Undergraduate)

To review nominees and select the awardees and forward the names to the Provost by December 15 for awards to be made at the next Faculty Awards Convocation.  The Outstanding Service awardees serve on the committee for the academic year following their awards.  The students and faculty members on the committees shall be representatives of all segments of the campus community, including academic discipline, academic level, instructional level, race and sex.    

Current Representatives: Jonathan Bowman and Jakob Bigard (Undergraduates)

In keeping with the values and strategic plan of GVSU that students should acquire new knowledge and explore its application through research, artistic expression, and scholarly activity, and that active scholarship may include collaboration of faculty and staff with students, the role of the URC is to provide advice and recommendations on university-wide policies and programs that apply to undergraduate research and creative practice. The committee will:    

  1. Recommend goals and priorities for undergraduate research and creative practice at GVSU.    
  2. Recommend policies and programs to promote undergraduate research and creative practice at GVSU.    
  3. Advise on faculty development needs, student needs, and other resources to enhance undergraduate research and creative practice at GVSU.    
  4. Promote undergraduate research and scholarly activities within the GVSU community.    
  5. Promote the undergraduate research and scholarly activities at GVSU to the broader community.
  6. Establish policies and processes for application review for the Student Summer Scholars Program.    
  7. Evaluate S3 proposals and recommend proposals to be funded.    
  8. Assess the progress and viability of the URC.    
  9. Review annually the resource needs for the URC and Office of Undergraduate Research.

Current Representative: Eric-John Szczepaniak (Undergraduate)

To advise the university libraries on possible areas of library development as perceived by the faculty; to react to issues brought to them from the University libraries; to serve as a communication channel; to recommend to the Academic Senate in a timely manner on major policy issues and matters of general concern as identified by the Committee.

Current Representative:  Morgan Mattler (Undergraduate)

To determine, after consultation with unit heads, which course offerings shall be designated as Supplementary Writing Skills (SWS) courses, and to post-audit SWS courses to determine whether the criteria are being faithfully implemented. To develop placement tests and post-evaluation tests and investigate all problems connected with their administration; to investigate appeal procedures; investigate options for remedial work; set up formal procedures to apply for SWS status for courses; set up codes by which writing skills courses are identified in schedules and transcripts; investigate (with advice of Writing Department) various writing handbooks in order to adopt one as standard reference for all writing skills courses; sponsor on-going workshops in teaching writing skills for faculty members teaching SWS courses; determine how soon the new writing skills program can be implemented; compose statement of support for SWS courses to be included in university catalog.

Current Representative:  Kevin Chui (Undergraduate)

For more information on these committees, please consult the Faculty Handbook.

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