University Academic Senate (UAS)

The University Academic Senate (UAS) is the highest faculty governance body. It has the authority to deal with any academic issue or faculty concern. It makes recommendations to the Provost and/or President regarding such matters as curriculum, the academic organization of the university, faculty personnel policy, the budget, and other issues considered relevant to academic affairs. Student Representation: The Student Senate selects five members, including the Student Senate President and four representatives (one must be a graduate student) in accordance with written Student Senate constitution and bylaws. Student members serve one year terms.

Student Senate Representatives to UAS

  1. Jonathon Bowman, President
  2. Kevin Chui, Chair of Senate Resources Committee
  3. Rachel Jenkins, Chair of Campus Affairs Committee
  4. Carly Aller, Chair of Finance Committee
  5. Fred Lawrence, Graduate Student Association President

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Executive Committee of the Senate (ECS)

The Executive Committee of the Senate (ECS) serves as the clearing house for matters to be presented to the UAS. Such matters are discussed by ECS before its recommendations are made to the Senate. Its powers and duties include preparing the agenda for UAS, acting for UAS, receiving reports from the standing committees of UAS, nominating members for all committees, task forces, and boards elected by UAS, determining the number and distribution of UAS members, providing advice and counsel to the administration, arranging faculty forums, and deciding the matters that should be reviewed by the various branches of faculty governance.

Student Senate Representative to ECS

(The President of the Student Senate or a designee serves on ECS during his/her term of office.)

  1. Jonathon Bowman, President

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