Vote Today for Your Student Senate!          Meet the Candidates

All students can vote for up to ten (10) candidates for Student Senate. There are forty-four (44) positions available.

Elections are open 8:00 AM on SEPT 14 to 11:59 PM on SEPT 20.

WRITE-IN CANDIDATES: To win as a write-in candidate, you must receive at least one hundred (100) votes and be one of the top forty-four (44) highest vote getters. Students may write-in a candidate at the bottom of the voting page. Correct spelling is highly recommended.

Tips for Campaigning

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we urge all candidates to conduct all campaigning virtually.

  • Use to create any promotional material. Include the link to vote,
  • Run with other people! You can have up to 3 people running together. Make sure it is someone who propels you forward. Pairing with someone who is really intertwined with your own social circle could hinder you from reaching different markets of student voters.  *Also make sure you generally support their “ideas” and how they act towards other students, because they will be representing you at the same time*
  • Use your circle of influence! Campaign in the organizations you are already a part of.
  • Think about who you are representing and reach out to them. They will want to vote for you!
  • Email your classes - you can find all your classmates emails on Blackboard.
  • Ask your professors if you can make a brief announcement in class.
  • Make sure your voters put a reminder in their calendar for the week of voting! (September 14 - 20).
  • Make a Facebook event and invite all your GVSU friends. Set the date to elections week and post the platforms of all your campaign partners. Be sure to include the link to vote,, in the description.
  • Post about Student Senate often! The more people see your name associated with it, the more they will recognize you when it comes time to vote.
  • Be genuine with students about what they want to see in a student senator. This will make you a better senator and help guide your work throughout the year.
  • Create 2-3 solid goals you'd like to achieve and STICK to them.