This page contains all legislation passed by the Grand Valley State University Student Senate in the academic year 2011-2012.


A resolution to demonstrate that Student Senate stands in solidarity with the Martin Luther King Jr. Closure Committee in support of the closure of the University on the third Monday of January, in observance of the federal holiday honoring the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


A resolution to support the Grand Valley State University Charter Schools Office in the financial and physical support of charter schools in Michigan.


A resolution to support the Childrens Enrichment Centers planned expansion and renovation.


A resolution to urge Grand Valley State University and Allendale Township to formulate a clear, public and organized plan to address pedestrian and vehicle safety concerns on Pierce Street between 48th and 42nd Avenues.


A resolution to urge the state of Michigan to enact a medical amnesty policy, which will protect minors from penalty when voluntarily presenting themselves to a medical facility for treatment or observation after consumption of alcoholic liquor, minors who accompany those presenting themselves, and those who reach out to medical or law enforcement personnel for the purpose of obtaining medical assistance.


A resolution to support the revisions to Grand Valley State Universitys General Education program as submitted by the General Education Committee to faculty governance on November 28, 2011.




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