President Autumn Mueller

Autumn standing on the blue bridge, next to the Grand Valley State University sign.

President Autumn Mueller was elected in April of 2021 to serve during the 2021-2022 academic year. This is her fourth year on Student Senate. Autumn is a senior studying political science and marketing, with hopes of working in the marketing field for corporate law. 


During her first year as a Senator, Autumn served on the Educational Affairs Committee and began her work advocating for Open Access. In her second year, Autumn was elected as the Vice President of Educational Affairs in which she planned one of the most successful Open Access Symposiums. In her third year, Autumn was re-elected as the Vice President of Educational Affairs for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


During her time on Student Senate, Autumn has attended multiple student government conferences, completed a project that increased awareness about sustainability practices on Grand Valley’s campuses, sat on multiple University Academic Committees where she was the student representative including University Libraries Advisory Committee, Academic Policies and Standards Committee, and others, passed a resolution with the Educational Affairs Committee for increased standardization of online learning platforms, and educated students about class registration and MyPath as one of her projects this past year. 


With her time as Vice President for Educational Affairs, Autumn has planned Educational Affairs yearly events: including Open Access Week, the Open Access Symposium, and Last Lecture consecutively for the last two years. Autumn expanded the role of Educational Affairs as she increased communication with the University Libraries and department liaisons. 



September 2018, Autumn is sworn in by former President Rachel Jenkin

Fall 2018, Autumn is sworn in by former President Rachel Jenkin