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Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome A Foundations and Skills for Lifelong Learning (undergraduate)

Lifelong learning is “all purposeful learning activity, undertaken on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence." An endeavor of higher education is to prepare students to be this type of learner by developing specific dispositions and skills while in school.

Students will:
• Learn how to find, evaluate, and use resources to explore a topic in depth.
• Explore a topic in depth, yielding a rich awareness and/or little-known information indicating intense interest in the subject.
• Complete required work, generates and pursues opportunities to expand knowledge, skills, and abilities.
• Look beyond requirements, and show interest in pursuing knowledge independently.
• Make references to previous learning and attempts to apply that knowledge and those skills to demonstrate comprehension and performance in novel situations.
• Review prior learning with some depth, revealing slightly clarified meanings or indicating a somewhat broader perspectives about educational or life events
Objective 1 90% of students who participate in our Campus Links program will engage in two or more other high-impact learning experiences each academic year; in addition to supplemental writing skills, general education issues, and capstone courses. Campus links students will participate in service learning, which includes diversity and global learning, internships, and living-learning communities.