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Intercultural Training (Undergraduate Certificate)

Student Outcomes

Assessment of Student Outcomes

Outcome E ITC-B: Knowledge of cultural and worldview frameworks through inquiry

Student demonstrates sophisticated understanding of the complexity of elements important to members of another culture in relation to that culture's history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, or beliefs and practices. Introduced and assessed: ITC 100; Reinforced: ITC 490; Proficient and assessed: ITC 495.
Objective 15 ITC - Develop the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes needed to live and work in a diverse world. This includes: cultural sensitivity, intercultural communication skills, personal and collective attitudes toward other cultures, and knowledge about other cultures.

Measure 1

2018 Status
Not Yet Achieved
Faculty teaching ITC 100 began integrating the program-wide assignment into their teaching in Winter 2018. The department's assessment committee will review submitted artifacts as part of the 2018 assessment work beginning in Fall 2018.