GVSU requires an organizational structure to ensure that required duties are complete and the organization remains a viable part of the campus community. Each officer position plays a specific role within a student organization but also contributes to the overall wellbeing and leadership of their organization. In addition, serving as an officer provides the opportunity to develop successful skills for their post college career.

Successful officers:

  • Create a profile and join Orgsync (they then complete the membership agreement which has a lot of good language)
  • Attend Max It Out
  • Participate in Campus Life Night
  • Encourage your members to develop as leaders and take advantage of the leadership development opportunities available
  • Nominate your members for I am Grand Valley
  • Take part in community service opportunities like Make a Difference Day
  • Attend Leadership Summit
  • Maintain regular communication with your advisor
  • Participate in leadership development opportunities (log onto Orgsync to access this)
  • And more!

Page last modified December 11, 2015