General Organization Management Questions



“How do we change our organization’s procedures or constitution?”

  • Every organization has a Constitution that is uploaded on their OrgSync portal. Refer to this document and follow the procedures listed there. If your organization adjusts this document, make sure they re-upload the Constitution to OrgSync.
  • For information on how to update the student organization OrgSync portal, check out this link.

“I don’t like this do we resolve it?”

  • As an Advisor, feel free to attempt resolving any situation based on your comfort level. If you feel uncomfortable, or if the situation is escalating, the Assistant Director of Student Organization is available to mediate, discuss, and resolve issues at (616) 331-2345.

“How do I update my E-board?”

  • This link has all the information necessary to update portals and positions in OrgSync.
  • If they still need assistance, have them email the Student Organization Staff Assistant at or call (616) 331-2345.

“How often do I need to renew my organization?”

  • Every fall, the President of your organization is required to renew the OrgSync portal. However, they can update the portal more if they like. Click HERE for instructions on renewing the portal and changing E-board members.

“My President failed their classes, can they still be President?”

  • In order for a student to be on the E-board of any organization, they must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and be registered in at least 5 credit hours. In the event that an officer loses either of these requirements, they must be replaced. Refer to your organization’s Constitution for replacement policies.

Page last modified August 28, 2017