Event Planning & Programming Questions



“How do we promote our event through Student Life?”

  • There are numerous posting boards located around campus where your organization can post fliers! All fliers must be approved by the Promotions Office located in 0008 Kirkhof.
  • If you need advertising designed or made, check out the Promotions website.

“How do I reserve a room for a meeting/event?”

  • Event Services reserves rooms in Kirkhof, Cook-Dewitt, and Henry Hall. If you want your event to be located in one of these buildings, direct your students to the Event Services website, or stop by the office in 1110 Kirkhof.
  • For information on other spaces on campus or space downtown, refer to the Event Services contacts page.

“Can we hold events outside?”

  • Yes! To find out who to contact to reserve specific outdoor spaces on campus, refer to the Event Services contacts page.

“Can I host an event off campus?”

  • Yes and no. Your organization is free to hold events off campus, but they will not receive any Student Senate funding for the event.
  • Also, your organization will be responsible for reserving any off campus space.

“Should we tell anyone that our group is travelling?”

  • If your organization has received Student Senate funding for their trip, then yes they must complete the travel release and waivers.
  • If your organization did not receive funding for the trip, we strongly recommend your organization still completes the travel release statement.

“Can my organization rent vehicles?”

  • Student organizations have the privilege to rent cars or 8, 12, and 15-passenger vans for student organization related travel through the Office of Student Life (partnered with Enterprise). Your organization can request funding for these vehicles or pay with their own funds and must fill out a Vehicle Rental Request Form. Rental requests must be completed 2 weeks before use, but if your organization is requesting funding for the vans, the request must be submitted 4 weeks before use.

 “How do we set up a table at the clock tower to advertise our organization?”

  • To reserve table space on campus, contact Event Services at 1110 Kirkhof or (616) 331-2350.

Page last modified May 16, 2018