Vote in Kirkhof!

Written By: Andreas Fields
Posted on October 14, 2020

This year, voting will be easier than ever because the Allendale Township Clerk will be hosting a satellite office in Kirkhof from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3! Students will be able to register to vote, fill out absentee ballots, and vote if they live in the Allendale area. Find out more information about this exciting opportunity to get civically engaged!

GVSU Votes sign outside

Grand Valley students are now able to register to vote, fill out an absentee ballot, and vote in the upcoming election all on campus! Grand Valley’s partnership with the Allendale Township Clerk means students won’t have to go off campus to find a polling place if they are registered to vote in Allendale. The initiative was a collaboration between the Allendale Township Clerk, Grand Valley Student Senate, and the Community Service Learning Center, as well as multiple student volunteers and the Ottawa County Clerk’s Office.

Will Thayer, a GVSU senior who is helping to register students and administer ballots, is excited to send “a clear message that college students want to be heard,” and wants to encourage as many students to vote as possible. He hopes that bringing the Clerk to campus will make it easier for students to vote and get civically engaged.

Melissa Baker-Boosamra, the associate director of student life for civic engagement and assessment, not only wants to amplify your voices during this election but also wants to empower you to “exercise your civic rights and responsibility” even once your time at Grand Valley ends.

If you’re looking to utilize the Satellite Clerk’s Office on campus, head to room 0072 in Kirkhof. Stop by the week of Oct. 13 if you’re looking to register to vote, and then the office will start officially accepting ballots the week of Oct. 20.  

Lakers, use your voice! Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in our democracy!

Find more information about voting in Kirkhof

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