What does Spotlight Productions do?

We bring anything from musicians, comedians, speakers, and entertainment acts to the students. In addition to that, we carry on campus traditions and are responsible for the weekly movies that are shown at the movie theater inside of Kirkhof.

Who can join?

Every major is welcome. If you want to be a part of Spotlight Productions and do what we do, than we'd love to have you! We invite anyone of all majors to come and join.

Does it cost anything to join?

Yes, there is a once-a-year membership fee of $10. 

How does Spotlight Productions work?

Spotlight Productions works like most organizations do on campus. We have a President, a Vice President, Promotions Chair, Digital Media Chair, Membership Chair, Music Chair, Comedy Chair, and Special Events Chir all of which are considered the executive board (E-board).

In addition to the E-board there are five (5) committees; Music, Comedy, Special Events, Marketing, and Membership.  Any member may join a committee of their choosing (as long as there are spots available).

Music committee books and handles all bands, musical artists, and other music-related events we bring to campus.

Comedy committee books, organizes, and handles all the comedians and comedy events.

Special Events books and handles the various entertainment acts, speakers, and other events that we bring to campus. (Anything that doesn't fall into the Music or Comedy category)

Marketing Committee is co-chaired by the Promotions and Digital Media chairs and works with the other committees and chairs to promote all of the events. 

Membership Committee plans member socials and other bonding and leadership activities for our members.

Why should I join Spotlight Productions?

Because it's fun! We get to decide, organize, book, and present various acts whether it be musicians (solo or band), comedians, entertainment acts, and other interesting speakers. Plus, it's a great experience. You meet and get to know people on campus and get to be a part of concerts, and comedy shows, and any other event we bring to campus.

How do I join Spotlight Productions?

It's as easy as coming to one of our meetings. Just show up and say you're interested in joining. We meet every Monday at 9pm in Kirkhof 2270.

What is Spotlight Productions all about?

(Preamble from the Constitution of Spotlight Productions):

We the people of Spotlight Productions are sincerely interested in the benefit of all students on campus through our activities. In the spirit of programming we will strive to better not only our organization, but also the Grand Valley State University community. We hope to do so by maintaining strong communication lines between all members of our organization, other organizations on campus, and members of the Grand Valley State University community.

Page last modified March 27, 2017