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MaKenna White

September 13, 2022

MaKenna White

MaKenna White is a senior majoring in exercise science and the vice president of Move 2 the Beat, “GVSU’s hottest hip hop dance crew.”

MaKenna has been dancing since middle school and decided to continue in college. Her first year, she had a great experience as a member of another dance organization. Her college experience changed when a familiar face showed up.

“One of my best friends from my hometown transferred to Grand Valley, and she had heard of Move 2 the Beat through social media, and she was like 'Just come audition with me, it'll be fun,'” MaKenna says. This led to MaKenna and her friend eventually becoming vice president and president.

For MaKenna, Move 2 the Beat offers a “chance to take a step back from the stressful life of school and doing homework.” 

“Being an exercise science major, I think it’s a great outlet to take a step back, and especially for your mentally health it’s so important,” explains MaKenna.

Finding confidence through an organization has given MaKenna more skills than she ever imagined. If you’re looking to continue a hobby or get in touch with your inner leader, consider browsing LakerLink for more opportunities.


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