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Nicki Owen

September 13, 2022

Nicki Owen

Nicki Owen is a sophomore majoring in biochemistry with a minor in Spanish. Nicki is currently the event planner of La Tertulia - Spanish Club and plans to serve as president next year.

Nicki found a love for Spanish in 8th grade and continued studying throughout high school. During her first year, Nicki  played in the Laker Marching Band; however, she wanted to become more involved. At Campus Life Night, Nicki recognized her friend’s sister, who happened to be the president of La Tertulia.

Nicki says Spanish Club aims to “create a space where people can practice their Spanish and not feel the judging environment of a classroom.” Its welcoming environment is helpful for anyone to practice their Spanish, regardless of experience.

As the event planner, Nicki has collaborated with many people to organize events. Spanish Club has further benefited Nicki in her professional goals. It “helped my research skills because I have to research all the topics we learn about,” Nicki says.

 “If you look at all the friends that I've made, every single one of them has been involved,” Nicki adds. 

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