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The purpose of this form is to give student organizations and the student body an opportunity to share with the Office of Student Life some of the outstanding and exceptional performances done outside of the classroom. Student Life will forward these stories to relevant departments on campus and will recognize the students and the organizations by sharing their stories on our social media, websites and newsletter. 


Outstanding campus programming or collaboration

Did your organization put on an event that purposefully reached a ton of students?  Did your event have a powerful educational impact on your participants? Did you effectively collaborate with other groups, campus departments, or businesses and non-profits to make something outstanding happen? 

Awards and recognitions

Was your group, or an individual in your group, recognized for their awesomeness by winning an award?  Was your group, or and individual in your group, recognized for something outstanding like: rising star, MVP, most service hours donated, best student organization on earth?   

Conference recognition

Has your group traveled to a prestigious conference?  Did someone from your group present or lead a workshop at a conference?  Did you bring an idea back from a conference that has changed EVERYTHING at GVSU?  

Placing at competitions

Did your gaming club smash a tournament and bring home the cash?  Did your club sport overcome all adversity and steal that long shot championship trophy? Did an individual from your group compete at their best and sweep nationals?  

Exceptional Service and Philanthropy partnership

Did your organization, or folks from your organization, put on a great event that flawlessly partnered with the Allendale or greater Grand Rapids community to meet a huge need or change a life?  Did you raise so much money for a charity that their jaws dropped when you handed them the check?!  

Reported in Media

Have you done such great things that you’ve been featured in the evening news or Sunday newspaper, gotten a shout out from Steven Colbert, had an article written about you in the New York Times or MLive, or been featured in a different media outlet?  

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Outstanding Campus Programming

Awards and Recognitions

Conference Presentation

Placing at Competitions

Exceptional Service/Philanthropy partnership

Reported in Media

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