Why You Should Get Involved At GVSU

Aside from working, taking classes, studying, eating (and occasionally sleeping), college is about discovering your passions. What you choose to get involved in will allow you to grow and develop outside of your academic adventures at GVSU.

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The Become More Concept

Once you’ve figured out your classes and how to use your meal plan, you’re probably wondering: what’s next? The answer is simple - get involved.


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How to Cram for those Exams!

It's that time of year again, and there's only one obstacle left between you and summer: Exam week. Don't worry, though, we have the resources you need to crush the end of the semester. Make sure to check out all the stress-reducing activities available to help you perform better.

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How to Survive Exams

With finals looming on the horizon, crunch time starts now! If that sentence makes your palms a little more sweaty than you’d care to admit, perhaps some tactics to get your kaboose back on the tracks will get your brain from loco-overload and into locomotion-motivation.

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How to Ace a Study Date

Study dates are much harder than getting an A on your next exam; you spend so much time preparing for your next exam that your date can end up feeling neglected! Finding that balance is an art. If you need some tips on how to wow your professor, while also being a flirt-master, check out this list!

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