Section 5 Class Removal

No student shall engage in disruptive behavior in a class.  In the event a faculty member believes a student is engaging in disruptive behavior, the faculty member may ask the student to leave the class immediately.  If the student refuses to leave, the faculty member should call the Department of Public Safety promptly to request assistance.  The faculty member should follow-up with the student to convey expectations regarding future classroom behavior.  This follow-up may be done in concert with others at the university.     

If the faculty member believes that the disruptive behavior warrants removing the student from the class for the balance of the semester, the faculty member shall submit a written summary of the situation to the Dean of Students Office to initiate a review hearing.  During the pendency of this Class Removal Process or a Conduct Process, the student shall not attend class. 

A two person Review Team shall be jointly selected by the Dean of Students (or designee) and the Dean of the College (or designee) where the course is offered.  At least one member of the Review Team shall be from outside the College from which the course is taught that involves the alleged disruptive behavior.  The Review Team shall review the written summary, meet with the faculty member whose class was disrupted, and will meet with the student to review the student’s alleged behavior and afford an opportunity to respond.  This review process will occur as promptly as possible, normally within two days (as defined in the Student Code) but not more than seven days, and the student may not attend class until the review process is completed. 

The Review Team shall decide to: 1) remove the student from the class; 2) move the student to a different section or an independent study; or 3) permit the student to remain in the class according to certain stipulations.  The Review Team shall submit its findings and decision in writing to the Dean of the College in which the course is taught and the Dean of Students, who shall submit a copy of the findings and decision to the student. 

The student may appeal the decision of the Review Team to the Provost by submitting written appeal within three days after receiving the Review Team’s findings and decision.  The Provost’s decision is final.   If a student is removed from a class for the balance of the semester through this process, no tuition or fees will be refunded except through the university’s normal refund policy.   

In the event the disruptive behavior is of such a nature that suspension or dismissal from the institution could result, the Conduct Process shall be followed in lieu of the Class Removal Process.

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