Section 1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

Standards of conduct are established in order to generate an atmosphere in which the mission, vision and values of Grand Valley State University (hereafter “University”) can flourish. Individual rights can only be ensured with acceptance of individual and group responsibilities and respect for the rights of others.

Individuals attending and/or entering upon property owned or controlled by the University or engaged in University sponsored activity or program automatically places themselves under the applicable rules and regulations of the institution. The conduct, herein described, provides due process and is consonant with constitutional guarantees.

1.2 Values

The Board of Trustees has adopted Values for the University and published them on the University’s Policy page:

1.3 Other Applicable Documents

The University Policies page found at is the official source for University-wide administrative policies approved by the President’s Cabinet and/or Board of Trustees. 

Additional policies applicable to the procedures herein include:

The Department of Public Safety publishes the GVSU Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, available on line at

1.4 Authority

1.4.1 Authority to Establish Standards of Conduct

In the Administrative Manual, Chapter 5, Section I, the Board of Trustees has delegated the authority to establish “The Student Code, which contains the rules, regulations, and conduct process of the institution, is approved by the president upon recommendation of the appropriate student services administrator.”

1.4.2 Effect of Violating the Student Code

A student, or person subject to the Student Code, violating any of the standards of conduct, either on the campus, or off the campus where a federal, state or local law has been violated and/or  where the University’s name is authorized in an activity of a student or faculty group or both, is subject to disciplinary action by the University that is appropriate to the nature of the offense and that may take into account a previous conduct record.

Note: Students and members of the University community should be aware of the fact they may be violating University regulations, but also local, state or federal laws, and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Such disciplinary action under The Student Code shall be taken in accordance with the applicable procedures within The Student Code.  Action may be taken pursuant to The Student Code notwithstanding the occurrence or possibility of legal prosecution, as the University conduct system is not intended to be substituted for criminal prosecution should such prosecution be appropriate.

1.5 Change to Student Code

The University reserves the right to change policies and procedures any time during a student’s term of enrollment. Each student is responsible for maintaining current knowledge of disciplinary rules and regulations. 

1.5.1 Change in Time Frame: In its sole discretion, the University may extend time frames identified in these policies and procedures.

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