University Food Committee

About the University Food Committee

The purpose of the University Food Committee is to evaluate the effectiveness of food services on all of Grand Valley State University's campuses through student, faculty, staff, and administrative representation.

In its inaugural year, the primary focus will be on current food service at Grand Valley. The group will explore other possible options through the use of student surveys and dialogue in committee meetings. 


The University Food Committee is comprised of 17 members - 9 student representatives and 8 faculty/staff representatives. The committee is co-chaired by Aaron Haight and Kyle Gineman.




2021-2022 Appointed Member

Student Senate


Student Senate appointment

Bianca Munoz

Student Body


Student Senate appointment

Allison Griffin

Food Service Student Employee


Student Senate appointment

Kimberly Quinn

Residence Hall Association (RHA)


RHA appointment

Kylie Ohrt

Graduate Student Association (GSA)


GSA appointment

Ty Krueger

Campus Activities Board (CAB)


CAB appointment

Jay Chapa

Greek Life Board (GLB)


GLB appointment

Eldon Pearson (acting)

Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM)


CCPS Dean appointment

Sam Asoklis

Applied Food & Nutrition


CHP Dean appointment

Lauren Carlisi

Housing & Residence Life


Dean of Students appointment

Kristen Evans



University Academic Senate appointment

Felix Ngassa



CCPS/CHP/KCoN, CoE (downtown) Deans appointment

Libby MacQuillan

Academic Affairs


Provost and EVP appointment

Suzeanne Benet

Social Justice Centers


Inclusion and Equity VP appointment

Leah Short

Enrollment Development


ED & EO VP appointment

V'Lecea Hunter

Aramark Management


Aramark Manager

Paul Kramer

GVSU Auxiliaries 


GVSU Auxiliaries Manager

Doug Wentworth

UFC Focus Area Subgroups

The University Food Committee determined four areas of concentration: 

•  Accessibility/Options   •  Food Insecurity   •  Staffing Crisis   •  Third-Party Contracts

Committees members chose focus areas and are assigned to subgroups.

Subgroup: Accessibility/Options

Purpose: To better understand what options exist on campus for students with special dietary needs and find ways to increase accessibility of these options through better promotion and communication to students.

Members: Sam Asoklis, Suzeanne Benet, Lauren Carlisi, Libby MacQuillan, Kylie Ohrt

Subgroup: Food Insecurity

Purpose: To investigate and act upon ways that we can address the needs of students who face insecurity, through collecting data from our current resources and evaluating the effectiveness of new resources.

Members: Bianca Munoz, Kyle Gineman, Leah Short, Doug Wentworth

Subgroup: Staffing Crisis

Purpose: To identify barriers to student and professional employment in Campus Dining and propose strategies to increase the recruitment, hiring, and retention of Campus Dining employees.

Members: Jay Chapa, Kristen Evans, V'Lecea Hunter, Paul Kramer, Kimberly Quinn

Subgroup: Third-Party Contracts

Purpose: To examine the University's process for selection of third-party vendors, to ensure selections are made with transparency, student input, and in alignment with University values.

Members: Aaron Haight, Allison Griffin, Ty Krueger, Felix Ngassa, Eldon Pearson


Meetings are held monthly on Fridays at 1:00pm in the Kirkhof Center with a remote option available to appointed members by request. 

Meeting Date & Time

Meeting Location


Friday, October 29 @ 1pm

KC 2266

University Food Committee Minutes 10-29-21

Friday, November 12 @ 1pm

KC 2270

University Food Committee Minutes 11-12-21

Friday, December 3 @ 2pm (changed for VPSA candidate presentation)


University Food Committee Minutes 12-3-21

Friday, January 28 @ 1pm


University Food Committee Minutes 1-28-22

Friday, February 25 @ 1pm

KC 2270

University Food Committee Minutes 2-25-22

Friday, March 25 @ 1pm


University Food Committee Minutes 3-25-22

Friday, April 22 @ 1pm

KC 2215/2216

University Food Committee Minutes 4-22-22

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