How do you request MESP/529 Plan funds in order to make a payment onto a student account?

The parent/guardian who owns the fund would contact the institution that handles their plan and give them this information:

  • The student’s Student ID/G #
  • The dollar amount of the request
  • The mailing address for GVSU Student Accounts Office:

GVSU Student Accounts Office
1049 JHZ, 1 Campus Drive
Allendale MI, 49401

How are MESP/529 Plan payments made to Grand Valley?

The funds are sent by check in the US mail.  Grand Valley does not accept wire transfers.

The parent/guardian who owns the plan can either request the check be sent directly to Grand Valley using the mailing address for Student Accounts listed above or the parent/guardian can request the check be sent to them and then the parent/guardian can make a personal payment to GVSU.

How long does it take for Grand Valley to receive an MESP/529 Plan payment?

It can take up to 12 business days for Grand Valley to receive the check payment in the mail. It is advised that the funds be requested early enough in advance so that they can be processed by the payment deadline to prevent the student’s classes from being dropped. If there is an amount still due on the account after the MESP/529 payment has been processed, then that amount must either be paid in full by the payment deadline or on a deferment plan with the first 25% of the balance being paid by the payment deadline.

What happens if there is a credit on a student’s account due to an overpayment from an MESP/529 Plan payment?

If there is an overpayment on the student’s account, that credit can be used towards buying textbooks or school supplies at GVSU’s Laker Store. The remaining credit balance will be refunded back to the student starting the second week of the semester. The refund will either be sent as a check to the student’s permanent address or sent to a direct deposit account that was set up in the student’s MyBanner account.