Financial Aid FAQ

When will my loans be disbursed on my student account?
Government Regulations will not allow GVSU to disburse funds to the student account until 10 days before classes begin.

What do I do if my financial aid hasn't arrived and I need to pay my rent?
The Financial Aid Office can give you a letter of verification that your financial aid is forthcoming. Most landlords will accept this letter and allow you to pay when your aid arrives.

If you have any other questions involving your financial aid, please contact the GVSU Financial Aid Office by calling 331-3234 or toll free (800) 748-0246. You may also email questions to them at

How can I purchase my books without having my financial aid money?
If you have excess monies available, you will be allowed to charge your books to your student account at the University Bookstore.

Page last modified July 17, 2017