Violin Day

Welcome to GVSU Violin Day, 2017

Greetings, and welcome!

This is the first time we are attaching a special day just for violinists to our very successful String Leadership Day weekend.  It is my hope that many violinists from throughout the state will be able to take advantage of this day designed to give progressing violinists more information and inspiration about playing their very special instrument.

If you wish participate in this exciting event, please contact me directly at . PLEASE CONTACT ME NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 10!  There is no charge and I would encourage you to have your director or private teacher also nominate you now for String Leadership Day which will be on the following day, October 21.

You can download the bowed Violin Choir Music below.

Looking forward to meeting you on October 20!

Dr. Gregory Maytan


Violin Day - Friday, October 20, 2017 Schedule

  • 9:30       Check-in, with donuts, [Performing Arts Center Lobby]
  • 10:00     Organizational Meeting and Panel Discussion with GVSU student violinists and faculty - [Sherman Van Solkema Recital Hall]
  • 10:45     Violin Day Choir rehearsal with Dr. Duitman and Dr. Maytan [Sherman Van Solkema Recital Hall]
  • 11:30      Lunch - pizza provided by Villa Pizza No. 1 [Room 1410]
  • 12:00     Free time for students to try violins [Sherman Van Solkema Recital Hall]
  • 12:30     Luthier talk - How to take care of your precious instrument by Aaron Reiley from Guaneri House [Sherman Van Solkema Recital Hall]
  • 1:00       Master class with Dr. Maytan teaching a few students - [Sherman Van Solkema Recital Hall]
  • 1:45       Move to Cook-DeWitt Center
  • 2:00      Violin Day Choir dress rehearsal [Cook-DeWitt Center]
  • 2:30      RECITAL in Cook-DeWitt, Dr. Maytan, GVSU violin students, Violin Day Choir (open to the public)
  • 3:15      Violin Day ends - Dr. Maytan available for short private trial lessons

Download Violin Choir Music Here


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