Co-facilitated with the Career Center, learn how to promote your strengths on your resume and during interviews!

Why Should I Attend?

Instead of focusing on areas where you are lacking, we want to shift your focus to areas of strength! 

Learn how to describe your strengths on your resume and how to highlight them in an interview setting. 

Bring a current resume and job posting, and get advice from a Career Center professional at the event! 

Wonderful opportunity to grow professionally and personally as you look ahead to your career goals! 


What Students Have Said...

"Attending WORK relieved my concerns about an upcoming interview, because it forced me to think in a positive way about what I bring to the table"

"Having someone from the Career Center in the room was great because I could ask specific questions"

"I took the StrengthsFinder assessment for a class, but this program showed me how I can use my strengths more intentionally"

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Based on CliftonStrengths for Students by the Gallup Organization