Identify your strengths, and learn how to apply them in your everyday life! 

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Identify your strengths, and learn how to build them into your leadership style and begin using them in your organizations!

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Co-facilitated with the Career Center, learn how to promote your strengths on your resume and during interviews!

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Pre-registration for all events required on LakerLink.

Based on CliftonStrengths* for Students (By the Gallup Organization, formerly named StrengthsQuest), this series helps you discover your strengths and learn how to maximize them in your current and future career, academic, and leadership, roles.

If you are interested in finding out what your greatest assets are as a student, a leader, and future employee please consider attending DISCOVER, LEAD, and WORK. Each part of this series will be offered multiple times throughout the academic year. 

Participants must have previously taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder® online assessment in order to attend WORK. GVSU students can take this for FREE by registering and attending DISCOVER or LEAD.