We recommend using cloud-based solutions for accessing SAS. We provide three solutions below: SAS OnDemand for Academics, SAS on STRATUS, and GVSU's Virtual Lab.

  • Benefits: No software to install, software is up to date. Simple to use. Easy to get started.
  • Negatives: Need to upload files or access data off the internet. There is a lot of data preloaded. You need to have internet access.

SAS is not available for the Mac operating system locally unless you use a Virtual Machine. If you prefer to have SAS installed on your Mac computer, you will need to contact IT.

Installing SAS Help Document

The Department of Statistics main office cannot help with SAS installations. Please contact IT if you have issues with your SAS installation.

Cloud-based Solutions

SAS On Demand for Academics

SAS On Demand for Academics uses SAS Studio - a modern programming interface for SAS.

SAS on Stratus

Statistics Majors and Graduate Students and those enrolled in 300-400 level STA classes can get access. SAS is available on the STRATUS computing system at GVSU - a high performance computing (HPC) system. GVSU's HPC team maintains pages for:

GVSU Virtual Lab

Access SAS on the GVSU virtual lab. Note that you need to use the WINDOWS virtual machine. This is a remote log in to the GVSU lab computers. Once logged in, click on Lab Applications on the Desktop, then STATISTICS, then SAS9.4.

If you use SAS EG as your programming interface, click on that, if you prefer using the SAS windowing environment (what some call SAS 9.4, but really all the interfaces access SAS 9.4) click there, or you also can run SAS studio. This page details more information about the various SAS interfaces.

For Mac users, note that you need to use the WINDOWS virtual machine, even though you have a Mac.

Page last modified March 10, 2022