Using SAS at GVSU – Updated January 14, 2021

SAS 9.4 Installation Tips – For Windows

Update or Renew SAS

To Update SAS Software with latest maintenance release or for more detailed instructions:

SAS University Edition

The SAS University Edition is a free version of SAS that will allow Faculty, Staff, and Students to use the SAS product to perform statistical processing. This is not a full version of SAS.

 SAS University Fact Sheet



Please read through the appropriate installation guide to prepare for installing this version of SAS.

To obtain this software, you will need to go to the SAS web page for the SAS University Edition. You will need to register with SAS to download the software. On the Mac and Windows, unless you have VMWare Fusion installed, download Oracle VirtualBox. SAS University Edition runs as a virtual machine on your native operating system and access is via a web browser to run statistics. This is explained in the installation and use guides. Three different versions are available using Oracle Virtual Box, VMWare Player, and VMWare Fusion. VirtualBox and VMWare player are free. This version of SAS may be run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Refer to the following guides for specific information on the Virtual Applications