Students ASA Membership

September 11, 2017

Students can join for only $18 through September (after September, the membership fee will increase to $25 - still a bargain)! Click  JOIN ASA TODAY

The ASA values our student members, and when they join, they will gain access to the following:

  • Networking opportunities  through the ASA Community, including the active Young Professionals online community, ASA chapters, sections, outreach groups, and meetings throughout the year
  • Online access  to news and research through ASA journals andSignificance magazine, in addition to Amstat News
  • Career opportunities  and resources, including the ASA JobWeb and the meetings-based Career Service
  • Meetings  and learning opportunities throughout the year, including JSM, the Conference on Statistical Practice, the Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference, and Professional Development programs
  • Advocacy  for ASA members and statistically sound science policy

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Page last modified September 11, 2017