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Faculty & Staff


Name Email Office Research Interests  
Adrian, Daniel MAK A1148 Biostatistics and Survey Statistics View Profile
Anderson, Kirk MAK A-1-158 Nonparametric Statistics, Medical applications of statistics View Profile
Bergakker, Becky MAK A-1-154 Biostatistics & Epidemiology View Profile
Cistaro, Rebecca MAK A1132 View Profile
Curtiss, Phyllis MAK C-2-507 Nonparametric Statistics, Mathematical Statistics View Profile
Downer, Robert MAK A1112 Biostatistics View Profile
Dykes, Bradford MAK D-1-106 Nonparametric Methods, Statistical Computing, Data Visualization, Statistics Education View Profile
Engel, Steve MAK C-2-503 Statistics View Profile
Fox, Jackson MAK A-1-110 Statistics View Profile
Frobish, Daniel MAK A1164 Biostatistics and Survival Analysis View Profile
Gabrosek, John MAK C-2-511 Statistics in Sports, Statistical Education, Spatial Statistics View Profile
Hahn, Lori MAK A-1-156 Statistics View Profile
Hart, Kay MAK A-1-178 Statistics View Profile
Helmholdt, Eric MAK A-1-116 Statistics in Sports and Probability View Profile
Hower, Jennifer MAK C-2-503 View Profile
Jinn, Jann-Huei MAK A-1-162 Bayesian Statistics, Missing Data View Profile
Kampfschulte, Andrew MAK-A1-120 Statistics View Profile
Kapitula, Laura MAK A1150 Statistical computing, education, influence diagnostics and biostatistics. View Profile
Kinlaw, Michael MAK A-1-118 View Profile
Kinnane, John MAK A-1-120 View Profile
Lievense, Rob MAK A-1-118 View Profile
McElhaney, Lori MAK A1-120 View Profile
Olsen, Jason MAK C-2-503 View Profile
Otieno, Sango MAK A-1-166 Statistical Consulting, Directional Data View Profile
Paul, Erina MAK A-1-132 Bayesian analysis, Statistical computing, Non-parametric Bayesian models View Profile
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