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MAK A-1-168

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  • Hired at GVSU:¬† 2001


PhD:  University of Missouri - Columbia, 1997


Faculty Office Hours

Professor Office Hours --Winter 2022 Email Phone Number Office Number
Andrew DiLernia Zoom on Mon/Wed/Fri 4:00-5:00pm or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-2447 MAK A1-160
Becky Bergakker Virtual on Mon/Wed/Thurs from 1:00-2:00pm [email protected] 616-331-8957 MAK A1-154
Bradford Dykes Virtual times posted on BB site [email protected] 616-331-4365 MAK A1-152
Daniel Adrian Virtual Mon/Wed 2:00-3:00pm, Fri 12:00-1:00pm or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-3968 MAK A1-148
Daniel Frobish Virtual only: Tues 11:00-12:30, Wed 2:00-3:30, or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-3028 MAK A1-164
Diann Reischman Virtual on BB Mon/Tues 12:00-12:50pm Wed 1:30-2:30pm [email protected] 616-331-3365 MAK C2-515
Elisha Hall Online only: Mon/Wed 1:00-3:00pm [email protected] 616-331-2872 MAK A1-132
Eric Helmholdt Mon/Wed/Fri 12:00-12:50pm, or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-2644 MAK A1-116
Gerald Shoultz Virtual: Mon/Wed 10:00-12:00, or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-8689 MAK A1-114
Jackson Fox Mon/Tues/Wed 10:00-11:00am [email protected] 616-331-8684 MAK A1-110
Jennifer Hower Thurs 8:00am - 8:25am, or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-3403 MAK C2-503
John Appiah Kubi Mon/Wed 5:00-6:00pm and Tues/Thurs 12:00-1:00pm or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-2825 MAK A1-108
John Gabrosek Mon 1:00-1:50, Tues 10:00-10:50. email to schedule a virtual appt [email protected] 616-331-3691 MAK C2-511
Joshua Daniel Mon/Wed/Fri: 11:00-1:00pm, Wed: 3:00-6:00pm [email protected] 616-331-3707 MAK A1-122
Kirk Anderson Virtual by appointment. Email to schedule [email protected] 616-331-3674 MAK A1-158
Laura Kapitula Mon 11-noon and Thurs from 2-3pm over Zoom and by appointment. [email protected] 616-331-8019 MAK A1-150
Lauren Berry Zoom on Mon/Wed 3-4pm, Tues/Thurs 10-11am [email protected] 616-331-3192 MAK A1-140
Lora Hahn Tues/Thurs 10:30-11:15; virtual Mon/Wed by appointment [email protected] 616-331-8685 MAK A1-156
Lori McElhaney Tues/Thurs: 8:00-9:30am, via Zoom [email protected] 616-331-4367 MAK A1-130
Luke Ellison Tues/Thurs 10:00 - 10:50am in MAK A 1-162 or Zoom by appointment. [email protected] 616-331-2312 MAK A1-162
Mary Richardson Various times on BB. Email to schedule [email protected] 616-331-3364 MAK A1-168
Michael Kinlaw Tues 5:00-6:00pm [email protected] 616-331-2872 MAK A1-132
Patricia Stephenson Mon-Thurs 11:30-12:30 or by appointment [email protected] 616-331-8938 MAK A1-118
Paul Stephenson Mon/Wed 10:00 - 10:50am [email protected] 616-331-2081 MAK A1-170
Phyllis Curtiss MAK A-1181 (Study Sessions): Mon/Fri 9:00-9:45am, Mon 2:00-2:30pm, Wed 11:00-11:45, Fri 12:00-12:45pm. Blackboard Ultra (Virtual Classroom link in Bb): Thurs 2:00-2:50pm OR e-mail me (to ask questions OR to set-up a meeting virtually or in-person) [email protected] 616-331-3363 MAK C2-507
Robert Downer Tues 1:00-2:30pm, Wed 12:30-2:00pm or by appointment [email protected]gvsu.edu 616-331-2247 MAK A1-112
Robert Pearson Virtual: Mon/Wed 11-12. In office: Tues 11-12 & 2-2:30. DeVos: Mon/Wed 7-7:30pm [email protected] 616-331-2057 MAK C2-509
Sango Otieno Mon/Wed 12:15pm-1:00pm or by Appointment [email protected] 616-331-2832 MAK A1-166

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