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FAQ about Field Education

F requently Asked Questions

Can students complete their field placement at their places of employment?
Yes, it can be done, but it is not recommended or encouraged. It must be established that the agency meets certain criteria before the place of employment can be considered. Paramount among them is that the agency must have the capacity and willingness to provide the appropriate supervision for students, as well as a learning experience that differs from employment. Do students have input in the selection of their field placement site?
Students are asked to indicate three fields of practice they wish to be considered for potential placement sites. Every effort is made to obtain an interview for a student in one of the three areas they have selected. Do students arrange their own placements?
Students are welcome to give suggestions for field placement to the Director of MSW Field Education. However, it is the field of practice, not a specific agency that guides efforts to secure a placement interview for students. All practicum arrangements and final placements must be made through the School of Social Work.

Do students have more than one practicum placement over the course of the three semesters?
Only in exceptional or unusual circumstances do students have more than one field placement.