Project Goals
Grand Valley State University's School of Social Work has developed a study abroad trip to China. The China trip is centered around three goals:  developing a global perspective in social work practice, enriching multi-cultural experience, and increasing awareness of interconnectedness between China and the United States.  This program is open to all majors. Description
During this 17-day trip, students will begin their visit in Beijing, capital city of China.  Students will visit historical sites of the Forbidden City, Tien-An Men, Great Wall, etc. to witness how people in China shape their culture and personality.  Next, students will travel by plane to Kunming to learn the history of a region with rich cultural diversity including twenty-four minority groups.  This region also contains incredible natures preserves, clear lakes and streams and one of the most famous Buddhist and Taoists Temples in all of China.  Students will learn about rural development and current social issues at Yunnan University.  GVSU students will also spend a day in Kunming working with Chinese social work students in a conference setting to exchange information and techniques. Prerequisites:
MSW: SW 610 and permission of instructor BSW: Permission of instructor Course Credit:
SW 354: International Service (Undergraduate) or SW 630: Global Service Learning (Graduate) Faculty Director
Douglas Chung 361C DeVos Center
GVSU - Padnos International Center Information
From Our Student's Perspective: Fall of 2006 Video!!!
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