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Fall Events

Our event calendar has a list of events to educate, connect, and have fun with one another!

For more information, contact our office at 616- 331-3401 or triosss@gvsu.edu.

Study Tables

Finals Break Room

Exam Cram Bags

Graduation Celebration

Track Your Points!


Be an active TRIO SSS student by attending different events and meetings! You will be connected to different campus resources and peers to help you transition into Grand Valley State University.You receive points for attending academic, involvement, or career focused. 

If you have any questions about the points, please contact our office at 616- 331-3401 or triosss@gvsu.edu.


To submit your points for your attendance at events/meetings, please follow the TRIO Classic Points Program Submission form

Use our Point Tracker to help you stay connected and on track with your own attendance!