Peer Partner

Peers play a vital role in connecting and integrating new students to GVSU. They are meant to provide accurate and considered advice as a support to the faculty partner’s messaging. Peer mentors are expected to work together with the faculty partner to form the Student Success Network (SSN). Peer partners should expect to facilitate communication with first-year students on a regular and planned basis.


Peers play a support role for both students and faculty alike. They should be expected to play a role in outreach and otherwise connecting students with GVSU. Peers are vital contributors and expected to share the messages and themes that GVSU supports and otherwise expects. They should also facilitate the relationship between students and faculty and provide guidance on the student support services that exist on campus, often in consultation with their faculty partner in the SSN. Specific expectations are listed below:

  • Provide contact information to first-year students
  • Reach out via email or other media regularly and provide information on student success and connectedness.
  • Attend SSN events during each semester.
    • 1 training session in Fall, currently a Blackboard online module
    • No more than 4 additional meetings with your individual group
      • These will either be separate smaller group meetings or a whole SSN programmatic meeting. Dates are TBD.
  • Become aware of the student success services and resources on campus

group of students standing