10 Questions with alumna Chelsea Brehm

10 Questions with alumna Chelsea Brehm

Hometown, High School, and Activities you participated in? 

I grew up in Woodland, MI and went to Lakewood High School (small school and even smaller town) I played varsity volleyball and basketball, was an active member of the National Honor Society, and loved hanging out with friends.

Major at GV and graduation year? 

I was the first cohort to go through GV and graduate with the B.S. Physical Education – Sport Leadership emphasis back in 2010. I also completed my M.Ed. in Adult & Higher Education in 2014.

Favorite Class? 

Hands down, MOV 201 with Dr. Rick Albrecht. He is the most passionate and knowledgeable instructor on the psycho-social aspects of sport and always made class interesting.

Favorite memory as a Laker? 

Honestly, one of the specific events I remember most was a post-season football game that GV won. The fans – mostly just the student section – rushed the field and actually tore down the goalpost in Lubbers Stadium. It was crazy, scary, and thrilling all at once! Another favorite was going to Kleiner Late Night for bad fried food at 1 a.m.

Jobs you’ve had thus far (including internships)? 

Campus Recreation - GVSU – fieldwork and undergraduate job for 4 years
Sports Intern - Michigan Sports Academies – internship
Middle School Athletic Coordinator – Grand Rapids Public Schools
Graduate Assistant – GVSU Sport Management
Visiting Faculty – GVSU Sport Management
Internship Coordinator – GVSU Sport Management
Adjunct Faculty – Grand Rapids Community College, Exercise Science 
Research Assistant – WMU – Human Performance & Health Education, doctoral student
Teaching Assistant – WMU – Human Performance & Health Education, doctoral student
Assistant Coach, Volleyball – Lakewood High School 
Head Coach, Volleyball – FarOut Volleyball Club 

Favorite Quote? 

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” – Beverly Sills

Dream Job? 

I’m honestly working on my PhD right now so that I can get my dream job of teaching in higher education. I absolutely love working on a college campus, with college students, and teaching future leaders of the sport industry.

Advice for current Sport Management Students? 

You must must MUST get out and get involved. Do not wait until you are ‘required’ to get some experience for your courses. Everyone else is already doing the bare minimum. You must be the student that goes above and beyond. You must get experience and meet people before it is time to look for a job. Also, working in sports is ‘fun’ but you must be willing to put in the hours and weekends that come along with the sport industry, for not a lot of pay. Spend some time really thinking during your undergrad what it is that makes you different, what are you good at, what’s your competitive edge? This will be important in the future.

How you landed current job? 

It’s all about who you know and who knows you. My extra, non-paid volunteer work on a committee years ago allowed me to meet some individuals at WMU. Fast forward a few years and I found myself connecting with them about the PhD in sport management program at WMU and the opportunity to teach classes here. I also had enough  experience  to get here. 

Favorite thing you've done in current role?

Meet new students and TEACH!

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