Alumni Board


The mission of Advisory Council for the School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration at Grand Valley State University is to strengthen the relationship between the School and the community it serves.


George P. Bosnjak, President, 2006 MPA - Public Management

Katherine A. Key Griswold, VP of Events and Marketing/Secretary, 2012 MPA - Nonprofit Management & Leadership

Shianne Campos, 2017 MPA - Health Administration

Latoya Floyd, 2012 Public & Nonprofit Administration

Autumn Hubbard, 2015 MPA - Nonprofit Management & Leadership

Katie J. Kirouac-Joseph, 2015 MPA - Nonprofit Management & Leadership

Amanda P. Reed, 2011 MHA

Stefanie A. Snyder, 2012 MPA - Nonprofit Management & Leadership

Julius Suchy, 2008 MPA - Urban and Regional Policy & Planning, 2006 Public & Nonprofit Administration

Chad A. Sutliffe, 2012 MHA

Selma L. Tucker, 2011 MPA - Public Management, 2009 Public & Nonprofit Administration

Kim Schmidt, Alumni Relations Liaison
Dr. Richard Jelier, SPNHA Faculty Representative

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