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Starting Fall 2020, the GV Speech Lab will be available for online consultations. Our typical online resources, including guide sheets and the Resource Market, are still available 24/7. Until GV re-opens campus to normal activities, the Speech Lab and our Knowledge Market partners are ready and willing to collaborate with you on all of your speaking, writing, and research projects and assignments. Below, you will find a list of resources the Speech Lab offers during this unusual time. 

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Videos on Recording 

Video Guide Sheets

Recording on Iphone to Email

Effective PowerPoints

What Not to do When Recording 

Paper to Presentations

Recording Visual Aids Using a Mac

Essential Presentation Skills

Creating a Voice-over PowerPoint

Presentation Basics 

Keys to Virtual Presentations

Prominent Fallacies of Persuasion

Class Talk Introduction to the Speech Lab


If you don't see what you need, try the Resource Market. Still nothing? Drop-in for a consultation

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