Vehicle Rental

  • Complete the Group Vehicle Rental Request 2022-2023 Funding Form (information on submitting a funding request can be found on the SOS webpage). This must be submitted at least 14 days before your trip departure date but it is recommended to submit as early as possible.  Please note that vehicles are not guaranteed and are based on availability with GVSU’s contracted vendor.  
    • When submitting the form, all drivers must be listed (name, gvsu email).  
    • Each driver must fill out the Student Life Driver Form.  Student Life will provide this information to GVPD to complete record checks and each driver.  Each driver will receive an email prompting them to submit additional information to finalize the process.
    • Note that out of state drivers will need to complete the driver record approval process for their home state which may take additional time.  
  • Every attendee who is traveling with the organization must submit a Behavioral Contract & Travel Release Statement in Forms on Lakerlink.
  • Travel Roster and Itinerary form must be completed to detail itinerary of trip plans and a full list of participants (noting any authorized drivers).
    • If organization is utilizing the Vehicle Rental Funding from Student Senate Appropriations, they do not need to complete the Travel Roster and Itinerary Form.

If you need to cancel your vehicle rental, please call the Office of Student Life at (616) 331-2345 at least 72 hours before your trip.

Page last modified August 12, 2022