Social Studies is a program within the History Department designed for students seeking teacher certification in secondary  or elementary social studies education.  The major consists of a minimum of 42 credit hours in economics, geography, history, and political science. To qualify for a teaching certificate in the state of Michigan, social studies majors must complete at least six credits in each of the four disciplines and a concentration of at least 18 credit hours in one discipline. Transfer and post-graduate students seeking a teachable major in social studies should consult Juanita Davis for an evaluation of their previous work in the CLAS Advising Office located in Mackinac Hall in B-1-140.  Her  telephone number is (616) 331-8585. 

Students may earn the B.A. or the B.S. degree. The B.A. degree requires that a student demonstrate third-semester proficiency in a foreign language (i.e.; a foreign language course at the 201 level). The B.S. degree requires that a student complete Introductory Applied Statistics (STA 215), Research Methods (HST 290), and Technology in Education (EDT 370).

For further information about the Group Social Studies program, go to the History Department website at or call the History Department office at (616) 331-3298.   

If you are planning a Social Studies Major with an emphasis and/or minor that are in the same content, please work with your Social Studies Advisor to ensure you have enough unduplicated credits. 

In addition to the requirements for the Social Studies, the College of Education may have further requirements that a student seeking teacher certification must fulfill. Interested students can inquire about further course requirements at the College of Education website linked to above, the online course catalog for the College of Education, or check in the printed catalog.

Page last modified January 3, 2014