Faculty & Staff

Abdullah F. Alrebh

Professor Abdullah F. Alrebh

Ph.D., Sociology, Michigan State University
Associate Professor
2161 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3794
[email protected]
Dr. Alrebh's Profile
Fields: Religion, Politics, Theory, and Media

Marshall Battani


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Davis
M.F.A., Photography, University of Arizona
2171 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3726
[email protected]
Dr. Battani's Profile
Fields: Cultural Sociology and Social Theory

Amanda Buday

Amanda Buday

Ph.D., Sociology, Southern Illinois University
Assistant Professor
2157 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3137
[email protected]
Dr. Buday's Profile
Fields: Natural Resources, Environmental Studies, Community Mobilization

Rachel Campbell


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Alberta
Associate Professor
2154 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-8977
[email protected]
Dr. Campbell's Profile
Fields: Qualitative Research, Gender, Media, Sociology of Sociology, Science & Technology

Mary deYoung


Ph.D., Sociology, Western Michigan University
Professor Emeritus

[email protected]
Dr. deYoung's Profile
Fields: Trauma, Madness, Moral Panics

Anna Hammersmith

Anna Hammersmith

Ph.D., Sociology, Bowling Green State University
Assistant Professor
2151 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-2164
[email protected]
Dr. Hammersmith's Profile
Fields: Aging and Families, Late-Life Parent-Child Relationships, Caregiving, Union Dissolution and Formation, Demography

Devereaux Kennedy


Ph.D., Sociology, Binghamton University
Professor Emeritus 

[email protected]
Dr. Kennedy's Profile
Fields: Social Control, Long-Range Global Change

Hermann Kurthen


Ph.D., Sociology, Free University in West Berlin
2163 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-8720
[email protected]
Dr. Kurthen's Profile
Fields: Comparative and Global Studies, Immigration and Minority Relations, Transatlantic Relations, Linguistic Assimilation, Online Pedagogy, Research Methods

George Lundskow

George Lundskow

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Kansas
Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department
2172d AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3704
[email protected]
Dr. Lundskow's Profile
Fields: Religion, Theory, Social Character, Historical Change

Michael Macaluso

Michael Macaluso

MA, Sociology, Western Michigan University
Affiliate Professor
2165 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-2871
[email protected]
Michael Macaluso's Profile
Fields: Sociological Theory with a focus on Social Movement Theory, Race and Ethnicity with a focus on Environmental Racism

Dennis Malaret

Mug Shot

Ph.D., Sociology, Western Michigan University
Associate Professor
2172c AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3113
[email protected]
Dr. Malaret's Profile
Fields: Race and Ethnicity, Drug Addiction, Use and Abuse, Youth, Intersectionality

Brian Phillips


Ph.D., Sociology, Binghamton University
2155 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3727
[email protected]
Dr. Phillips' Profile
Fields: Political Economy, U.S. Deindustrialization, Stratification, and Labor Relations

Jeffrey Rothstein


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2152 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3710
[email protected]
Dr. Rothstein's Profile
Fields: Sociology of Work, Labor, Globalization & Development

Jennifer Stewart


Ph.D., Sociology, University of South Carolina
Associate Professor
2172b AuSable Hall
(616) 331-2168
[email protected]
Dr. Stewart's Profile
Fields: Race and Ethnicity

Joel Stillerman


Ph.D., Sociology, New School for Social Research
2167 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3129
[email protected]
Dr. Stillerman's Profile
Fields: Urban Sociology, Consumer Culture, Labor and Labor Movements, Inequalities, Latin America

Laurel Westbrook


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Berkeley
2153 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3198
[email protected]
Dr. Westbrook's Profile
Fields: Gender, Sexuality, Theory, Social Movements, Violence, Media

Richard Yidana


Ph.D., Sociology, Binghamton University
Associate Professor-Joint Appointment in African and African-American Studies
2156 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3183
[email protected]
Dr. Yidana's Profile
Fields: Social Movements, Anticolonial and National Liberation Movements (Africa & the African Diaspora), Development & Culture (Africa, Asia, and Latin America), Ethno-Nationalism and Social Change (Developing World)

Yan Yu


Ph.D., Sociology, Florida State University
2172a AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3124
[email protected]
Dr. Yu's Profile
Fields: Family, Gender, Immigration

Joyce Sullivan


Office Coordinator
B.S., Sociology, Grand Valley State University
2172 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3730
[email protected]


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