Faculty & Staff

Abdullah F. Alrebh

Professor Abdullah F. Alrebh

Ph.D., Sociology, Michigan State University
Associate Professor
2161 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3794
[email protected]
Dr. Alrebh's Profile
Fields: Religion, Politics, Theory, and Media

Marshall Battani


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Davis
M.F.A., Photography, University of Arizona
2171 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3726
[email protected]
Dr. Battani's Profile
Fields: Cultural Sociology and Social Theory

Amanda Buday

Amanda Buday

Ph.D., Sociology, Southern Illinois University
Assistant Professor
2157 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3137
[email protected]
Dr. Buday's Profile
Fields: Natural Resources, Environmental Studies, Community Mobilization

Rachel Campbell


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Alberta
Associate Professor
2154 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-8977
[email protected]
Dr. Campbell's Profile
Fields: Qualitative Research, Gender, Media, Sociology of Sociology, Science & Technology

Anna Hammersmith

Anna Hammersmith

Ph.D., Sociology, Bowling Green State University
Assistant Professor
2151 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-2164
[email protected]
Dr. Hammersmith's Profile
Fields: Aging and Families, Late-Life Parent-Child Relationships, Caregiving, Union Dissolution and Formation, Demography

Hermann Kurthen


Ph.D., Sociology, Free University in West Berlin
2163 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-8720
[email protected]
Dr. Kurthen's Profile
Fields: Comparative and Global Studies, Immigration and Minority Relations, Transatlantic Relations, Linguistic Assimilation, Online Pedagogy, Research Methods

George Lundskow

George Lundskow

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Kansas
2172d AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3704
[email protected]
Dr. Lundskow's Profile
Fields: Religion, Theory, Social Character, Historical Change

Michael Macaluso

Michael Macaluso

Ph.D., Sociology, Western Michigan University
Affiliate Professor
2165 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-2871
[email protected]
Dr. Macaluso's Profile
Fields: Sociological Theory with a focus on Social Movement Theory, Race and Ethnicity with a focus on Environmental Racism

Dennis Malaret

Mug Shot

Ph.D., Sociology, Western Michigan University
Associate Professor
2172c AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3113
[email protected]
Dr. Malaret's Profile
Fields: Race and Ethnicity, Drug Addiction, Use and Abuse, Youth, Intersectionality

Brian Phillips


Ph.D., Sociology, Binghamton University
2155 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3727
[email protected]
Dr. Phillips' Profile
Fields: Political Economy, U.S. Deindustrialization, Stratification, and Labor Relations

Jeffrey Rothstein


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor and Chair 
2152 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3710
[email protected]
Dr. Rothstein's Profile
Fields: Sociology of Work, Labor, Globalization & Development

Jennifer Stewart


Ph.D., Sociology, University of South Carolina
Associate Professor
2172b AuSable Hall
(616) 331-2168
[email protected]
Dr. Stewart's Profile
Fields: Race and Ethnicity

Joel Stillerman


Ph.D., Sociology, New School for Social Research
2167 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3129
[email protected]
Dr. Stillerman's Profile
Fields: Urban Sociology, Consumer Culture, Labor and Labor Movements, Inequalities, Latin America

Laurel Westbrook


Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Berkeley
2153 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3198
[email protected]
Dr. Westbrook's Profile
Fields: Gender, Sexuality, Theory, Social Movements, Violence, Media

Richard Yidana


Ph.D., Sociology, Binghamton University
Associate Professor-Joint Appointment in African and African-American Studies
2156 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3183
[email protected]
Dr. Yidana's Profile
Fields: Social Movements, Anticolonial and National Liberation Movements (Africa & the African Diaspora), Development & Culture (Africa, Asia, and Latin America), Ethno-Nationalism and Social Change (Developing World)

Yan Yu


Ph.D., Sociology, Florida State University
2172a AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3124
[email protected]
Dr. Yu's Profile
Fields: Family, Gender, Immigration

Joyce Sullivan


Office Coordinator
B.S., Sociology, Grand Valley State University
2172 AuSable Hall
(616) 331-3730
[email protected]


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