Social Justice League

The Social Justice Education Department in the Division of Inclusion and Equity at Grand Valley State University and the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center is looking for faculty and staff colleagues to join them in creating a group of individuals, from each college or division, who are dedicated to leading and implementing social justice work in their area.

Our hope is to build a more connected and communicative network of colleagues that will help us advance our campus wide inclusion and equity initiatives by engaging with and developing leaders throughout the institution, enabling us to build commitment and the skills necessary to make lasting and impactful change on the climate of our University.  It will also provide a place of support and idea sharing regarding tools for how to do this work.

Our Framework for Inclusion and Equity calls for our efforts to be embedded across the university – and know that a great deal of work is already and has been happening.  Who are the folks that are living this commitment in your college or division?  OR, who would you like to be engaged? 

We’d like to meet a few times a year but for now, we are really just looking for names and information on interested parties.

Please help us create a community for people who do social justice work to gather, learn and be supported by one another – send names in to join the “Social Justice League”!

Stay tuned for details from this growing community. 

For more information: Contact

Relando Thompkins-Jones
Director, Social Justice Education

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