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Monday, February 19, 2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Mary Idema Pew Library » Multipurpose Room


LIB 100/201 approved

Stacie Tamaki is a miniature origami artist who has found a way to educate and raise awareness on issues of racism and injustice through art and storytelling.  Tamaki has showcased her work at the annual ArtPrize since 2014.

In this workshop, Tamaki will showcase her ArtPrize entry, “Acceptance” -  a collection of origami peace cranes.  The artist will begin by telling stories around the meaning of:

“Acceptance” it isn’t about the past as much as it is a plea for today and the future.

“Internment” represents injustice and the willingness of others to look away, to quietly accept or openly justify that which is wrong. It includes a photo of the artist's family held unjustly for three years at the Heart Mountain Wyoming internment camp stripped of their civil rights, home, belongings, and dignity.

"Kintsugi" in Japan, when something breaks it isn't ruined, it doesn't become worthless trash. Instead broken pottery mended with gold, becomes more interesting because now it has a story. The brokenness isn't beautiful, it's how we heal, who we can become, that holds the potential for beauty.

"Filled with Love” each of the filled with love cranes contains a tiny paper heart tucked inside of it. The hearts represent the artist's family's hearts, that they chose love over hate and didn't leave the camp carrying any prejudices of their own against those who had put them there.

Following her storytelling, the audience will have an opportunity to learn from the artist and participate in a hands-on activity on crane folding. Origami paper will be provided. 


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