Unpacking White Consciousness - Fall 2019 Cohort

Unpacking White Consciousness - Fall 2019 Cohort

Date and Time

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM


What does it mean to have whiteness as a predominant part of your identity? This seminar aims to help folks examine whiteness and how to unpack the ways that white supremacy has permeated one's consciousness. The seminar will focus on understanding the history of white supremacy, self-reflection, and strategies for reintegrating one's whiteness identity with advocacy. The ultimate goal is to motivate folks with white privilege to work toward accountability as an ally in addressing issues of oppression.

Note: This is a cohort program and participants are expected to sign up and attend all sessions with the first session beginning Tuesday, October 1st.

Please register at (Log in using your GVSU Network Login and Password; search for "Unpacking White Consciousness")


This event also occurs on 10/1/19, 10/8/19, 10/29/19 and 11/5/19

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