Dialogue for Social Justice

The Social Justice Education Program has begun a campus wide initiative to teach Intergroup Dialogue as a pedagogy/skill.  The goal is to utilize trained facilitators to deliver Intergroup Dialogue across campus – to students, faculty and staff.

Why Intergroup Dialogue?

As we continue our work to create a more equitable and inclusive campus community, and respond to the needs of our community in improving campus climate at GVSU, intergroup dialogue represents an intentional effort to meet one of the major challenges facing our community, and communities across the country; the lack of communication among diverse groups of people in schools, in communities, and in the workplace.

By forging lines of intentional communication between and among groups of students, faculty, and staff who experience our campus and the broader society very differently, intergroup dialogue helps to deepen understanding and create a community whose members are better prepared to openly and honestly engage in addressing the broader social issues that create cultural and social divides. This effort is connected to the implementation of the broader Civic Action Plan work that is currently underway on campus, and is also a part of Social Justice Education's strategic planning goals to use social justice education as a vehicle for intentional action and social change at GVSU.


Relando Thompkins-Jones
Director, Social Justice Education


With an intersectional social justice framework as foundational aspect of our work, The Social Justice Education Program provides integrative educational experiences for students, faculty, and staff to facilitate critical dialogue around race, gender, sexuality, social justice, and the interplay of identity, power, privilege, and oppression. We nurture collaborative partnerships to foster an inclusive campus environment through student engagement, community building and identity-conscious leadership development. The program also provides advocacy and support for students, faculty and staff experiencing interpersonal, intrapersonal and systemic oppression through connecting them with campus resources.  


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