The Social Justice Education's events and evening programs are suspended through the remainder of this semester.  If you are in need of support or resources, please contact Relando Thompkins-Jones at 


If you need additional assistance, you can contact someone in the Division of Inclusion and Equity at (616) 331-2748.


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Social Justice Education (SJE) works to advance the application of Grand Valley’s framework for inclusion and equity through engaging and supporting community members in efforts to cultivate their capacity for building and maintaining inclusive and just communities. This office provides regularly scheduled training opportunities and fulfills requests for workshops tailored to the specific needs of a department, class, or campus group. In addition, SJE collaborates with many campus and community partners to increase knowledge and skills related to creating positive change.

A transformed community committed to equity and inclusion, using Social Justice Education as a vehicle for intentional action and social change.

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With an intersectional social justice framework as foundational aspect of our work, The Social Justice Education Program provides integrative educational experiences for students, faculty, and staff to facilitate critical dialogue around race, gender, sexuality, social justice, and the interplay of identity, power, privilege, and oppression. We nurture collaborative partnerships to foster an inclusive campus environment through student engagement, community building and identity-conscious leadership development. The program also provides advocacy and support for students, faculty and staff experiencing interpersonal, intrapersonal and systemic oppression through connecting them with campus resources.  

Below are upcoming social justice education opportunities offered through the Social Justice Education Program.

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We develop curriculum and deliver dynamic training designed to empower participants to learn about the multitude of ways that their intersecting identities inform their understanding of their worldview, as well as their role in disrupting or maintaining power and privilege, including ways to confront systems of oppression and to promote social justice by working toward equity.

The GVSU Social Justice Centers and Social Justice Education Program are pleased to offer trainings on a wide variety of topics, including the ones listed below (collectively known as the Co-Curricular Class Content on Demand). Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know. We are happy to prepare presentations on other relevant topics or customize trainings to meet the needs of a particular audience.

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Our office works throughout the university and with community partners to consult on issues concerning inclusion & equity. We encourage and promote courageous conversations among students, faculty, and staff, and community partners concerning how they can better imbed values, behaviors and practices of inclusion & equity into their work.

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