The mission of The Social Justice Education Program is to advance the application of GVSU’s Framework for Inclusion and Equity in an effort to support and provide transformational self and professional development of all community members as well as systems change.

A transformed community committed to equity and inclusion, using Social Justice Education as a vehicle for intentional action and social change.

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Cultivate is an inclusive leadership development program for faculty/staff at Grand Valley State University. It offers a unique approach to leadership development by focusing on essential skills and competencies leaders need — through a lens of inclusion and equity. This is an intensive cohort model with a structured curriculum that is designed to build upon each experience. 

Participants Will:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of social justice foundational theories and models as applied to higher education leadership.
  • Develop a sense of self-awareness through identifying personal leadership philosophies and social equity.
  • Enhance knowledge and awareness of diversity around identities, culture, society, power, and privilege.
  • Understand what it means to be a culturally intelligent leader in the areas of: problem solving, decision making, change management, conflict resolution, team building, succession planning.
  • Better understand how to foster an employee’s growth and development by recognizing their cultural background, values, and individual journey.
  • Gain a greater appreciation and awareness of personal identities and how identities shape leadership and career trajectories in higher education.

To learn more about Cultivate, visit our application to learn more about eligibility criteria and consider applying!

Upcoming Events

With an intersectional social justice framework as foundational aspect of our work, The Social Justice Education Program provides integrative educational experiences for students, faculty, and staff to facilitate critical dialogue around race, gender, sexuality, social justice, and the interplay of identity, power, privilege, and oppression. We nurture collaborative partnerships to foster an inclusive campus environment through student engagement, community building and identity-conscious leadership development. The program also provides advocacy and support for students, faculty and staff experiencing interpersonal, intrapersonal and systemic oppression through connecting them with campus resources.  

Below are upcoming social justice education opportunities offered through Social Justice Education Program, our five Social Justice Centers, and campus partners.


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