Internship Purpose
The primary purpose of an internship in the School of Communications (SOC) is to provide a student with real-life work experiences related to the student's major. An internship is part of the student's total academic experience and is not a job per se; it is a learning opportunity having direct relationships to the student's program of study and career interests.


1. Read the Internship Policies

2. Get the internship

  • Use Career Services' Handshake database to find internship opportunities specific to communications fields.
  • Check other resources on the SoC Internships group on Blackboard.
  • Work your own network and call sites where you would like to do an internship to ask about opportunities.
  • Use the internet to search for other opportunities.

3. Fill out the Internship Agreement
Once you have secured an internship, you must fill out an online Internship Agreement.

4. Register
Once your Internship Agreement is approved you will receive an email confirmation. You must then go into Banner and register for the appropriate section of 490, given your major and number of credits* (your major prefix) 490 (ie. COM 490, CAP 490, CFV 490, JRN 490, etc). Register in the semester that you will COMPLETE the internship. Internships can happen at any time but you must register BEFORE completing the internship to receive credit.

*Check with your major advisor regarding the number of credits for which to register. Internships may be done for anywhere from 1 to 6 credits. For each credit, interns are expected to perform 50 hours of work in an internship setting.

5. Complete the Internship
There is no class to attend. Simply complete the internship as a job experience.

6. Evaluations
Shortly before the end date of the internship (which you indicate on your Internship Agreement), you and your employer/site supervisor will receive an email asking you to complete an online evaluation.

7. Essay (Internship Experience Report)
You must also write a 1,000-word essay about your internship experience--discuss what you did, what you learned, and how the internship experience related to your classes. This should be turned in to the School of Communications Office in LSH 290 (or fax to (616) 331-2700) prior to exam week in the semester in which you are registered for the internship. Please be sure to include your name, the course (COM, CAP 490 etc), section number, professor (who is grading you) and the semester (e.g., Fall 2018) on the cover of your essay.

Once the evaluations have been received online and the essay has been submitted and reviewed, the appropriate School of Communications Internship Coordinator will enter a grade. Internships are graded credit/no credit. If any of the above are not turned in when grades are due, you will receive an I (incomplete). Step by step instructions for the Online Internship Process [PDF].

Share Student Intern Experiences
Share your internship experience and read about the internship experience of other students at Experience Matters.

Internship Coordinators for specific majors:

Other contacts:

Career Services Internship Award
The Career Services Office of Grand Valley State University is committed to increasing student participation in internships, practica, and co-ops. As a result, this award has been established to help off-set the costs of working in unpaid internships, for students who have demonstrated financial need. Award Criteria & Application

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