Film and Video Production - Advising

Faculty Advising
Every student is assigned a full-time faculty member in the major to be their advisor. Find your advisor's office hours here. Don't know your advisor? To find out who your advisor is, go to MyBanner > Student > Student Records > View Major and Advisor Information.

Film and Video Production Major Common Topics
An FAQ for students about the most commonly asked questions.

Major requirements
An overview of the required classes in the Film and Video Production major, with Film and Video Production sequences separated. Students should use this as a checklist to proceed through the major. See full course descriptions.

Course Sequence
It's important to take classes in the right order. This chart includes a suggested four-year plan for when to take courses in the Film and Video Production major as well as general education and degree cognate courses. B.A 4-Year Plan, B.S. 4-Year Plan

Film and Video Production Course Checklist
This checklist will help you keep track of your degree requirements.

Film and Video Scheduling Worksheet
This worksheet will help you work out your registration plan.

Pre-Admission Policy for Film and Video Production Majors
A detailed guide is available for student assistance in planning.

See the internship page for questions about finding an internship, getting credit about it, etc.

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