About SLA

What is SLA?


Structured Learning Assistance is a form of peer-led supplemental instruction that is available in some high-risk courses at GVSU. SLA consists of weekly, required group study sessions outside of class that are led by a trained peer facilitator and driven by the course content and student questions. SLA helps students succeed by helping to reinforce what to learn and how to learn in a non-remedial curriculum. 

The goal of our SLA program is to help students build foundational knowledge and skills that will improve their course performance and help retain them through graduation. 

How does SLA work?

SLA sessions are led by successful upper-level students, who in collaboration with the professor, develop workshop materials. The facilitators clarify lecture points for the students and assist them in understanding the expectations of the professor, while additionally focusing on improved study skills. 

To take advantage of SLA, register for the specific section of a course that includes SLA.* Once you have chosen your course and SLA meeting time, you will attend class and SLA each week. SLA attendance is mandatory unless you meet and maintain a minimum grade requirement set by the instructor. 


*SLA course registration is subject to availability and is first come, first served.

What to Expect

SLA sessions are held throughout the entire semester and there is no additional charge for this support service. In SLA sessions, facilitators will provide workshop activities including games, study guides, collaborative learning activities, homework assistance, test preparation, and study strategies to help you in all of your courses. 

SLA is not one-on-one tutoring, but rather a group study session. For one-on-one tutoring, visit the Tutoring and Reading Center webpage. 

Group Tutoring

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